As with all markets, there are booms and there are busts.

Smart investors look for opportunities & trends before they occur and take advantage of their investments when others are rushing in.

In Africa, real estate is an area that smart investors are investing in. Some countries particularly Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt & Morrocco are growing rather rapidly and offer returns of up to 20 times the average yields on the S&P Stock Market.

According to a report issued by KnightFrank, one of the largest global real estate consulting companies:

The rapidly growing economies of Africa are catching the attention of increased numbers of property investors and corporate occupiers. Africa is now seen as a continent of opportunity.

The video below highlights a few important points for investors:

Afriscaper is a real estate platform that provides transparency and simplicity to investing in African real estate.

What Afriscaper does is to provide a transparent and simple way to invest in institutional quality real estate in Africa by leveraging on our 32-step stringent pre-vetting steps. Companies that pass this pre-vetting stage are then handed over to PWC, the global audit & consulting firm for due diligence.

Only then are real estate projects listed on the Afriscaper platform and you simply choose the projects that interest you and invest in them. Afriscaper offers you a low entry investment point as investments usually start at $1,000 to $5,000.

Going back to Andrew Carnegieโ€™s quote, there are now more opportunities than ever for everyday investors to make money from real estate. What are you waiting for?

Hereโ€™s What You Should Do Immediately

  1. Go to the Afriscaper platform and sign-up for free
  2. View the various real estate offerings
  3. Invest in real estate projects that meet your investment criteria
  4. Read the emails from Afriscaper & make sure to sign up for the free webinars so you can ask questions.

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My name is Adebola Omololu. Itโ€™s a mouthful for some, so many call me โ€˜Debzโ€™. I am a serial entrepreneur, angel investor & venture capitalist. I am a co-founder in Afriscaper, a real estate technology platform (RealTech) developed to simplify real estate investing in emerging markets by connecting real estate developers with international real estate investors through cutting-edge technology.