Top 7 Reasons To Invest In African Real Estate

  1. Technology Makes it Easy:

    Online technology platforms like Afriscaper have made investment in real estate easier. It is now so easy for real estate developers and potential real estate investors to connect without having to meet face to face or leave their homes through cutting-edge technology.

    You can sign-up as an Investor or a Developer. This will give you access to the opportunities on the platform. Members can view all the Investments Opportunities that are available on the Afriscaper platform and gain detailed insight.

Afriscaper Online Technology Platform

        2. Easy To Start

Easy To Start

Investing in real estate is very easy to start as it does not require rigorous planning and research. As well as investing in real estate doesn’t require so much education and knowledge as investing in stocks. Investing in shares requires so much education such as research in understanding market fluctuations as well as seeking for expert help. With a good Internet connection and a browser, you can easily get information on real estate developers, listing websites, firms as well as registered realtors.

When you are interested in any investment offering, the whole Investment process can be completed online. You simply indicate an interest in investing in the specific offering, choose the amount you want to pledge and digitally sign the legal documentation. Fund your account and invest freely.

  1. Low-Risk Investment


Your Investment In Real Estate Is Always Safe

We are fully aware of market volatility fluctuations associated with shares, bonds. Investment in real estate tends to increase yearly. This makes it a safer investment in comparison to other forms of investment when you consider risks and returns. Afriscaper strives to create a transparent process because it is in the mutual interest of investors, developers & Afriscaper to provide a credible platform for investors to invest.

All listings on the Afriscaper platform go through a 32-Step Pre-Vetting Process. Those that successfully cross the pre-vetting hurdle are passed on to global consultancy firm PWC for due diligence.

Only after these steps are the projects listed on Afriscaper to ensure you invest in institutional quality real estate projects.

       4. Flexibility

No need to Panic, Relax!!! Online Platforms like Afriscaper offers you different investment strategies


One unique thing about real estate investment is that irrespective of your financial capability or income, there is always an investment that suits you fine. At Afriscaper, we provide you different investment strategies and good annual return with just little investment.

Investors can choose the individual projects they want to invest in. You can invest as much as you like to and as little as you can afford.

All projects have a minimum investment requirement of $1,000.

  1. Capital appreciation

Real Estate Guarantees You Yearly Returns On Your Investment

This is a very important point to note that one of the very reason you should invest real estate is that whether you invest on land or building itself, the returns on such investment always appreciate on a yearly basis.


6. Low Competition

Beatable Competition

Returns on real estates may take a while, but with a little patience, it sure worth the wait. Therefore, investing in Landed property provides an avenue with low or no competition. Consider taking advantage with residual incomes that come from investing in real estates.

  1. Co-ownership;

    You can be a Co-owner as well

When there is more than one owner for a real estate property, the status of the property is known as a Co-ownership type. And when you make such investment in real estate, you become a Co-owner.

Whether it is malls, commercial residential, office building, industrial estate, self-storage, event venue, retail or hospitality, tourist resorts or large scale infrastructure developments the choice is yours.


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