Written by Lily Kuo (Quartz Africa)

A view of Cape Verde’s Santiago island, where Macau Legend’s casino is being built. (from Quartz)

Macau, the world’s largest casino hub, is expanding into Africa. Macau Legend, led by billionaire and former Macau legislator David Chow, is building a $275 million casino complex in Cape Verde.

The 152,700 square-meter (1.6 million square feet) complex, will have a resort, casino, office buildings, and a museum in Cape Verde’s capital city of Praia. The project is now in its first phase of construction. The complex will be partially built on reclaimed land, area that was once under the sea.

Macau Legend hopes to attract tourists from Europe, elsewhere in Africa, and most importantly from China, the biggest source of customers for Macau’s casinos.

For the past four years, China has been the world’s largest outbound market. Chinese tourists spent $261 billion last year, a 12% increase from the year before, according to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Spending from this market has seen double-digit growth every year since 2004 and is expected to continue expanding, according to the UNWTO.

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“This project follows the China government’s national policy ‘One belt, one road’, a strategy to help position Macau as one of the important cities on the Maritime Silk Road, which shall be [a] vanguard to lead Macau small and medium enterprises to expand from Macau,” said Macau Legend CEO in a 2015 press release announcing the project. Chow said that Macau and Cape Verde, both former Portuguese colonies, share a common heritage.