Real Estate Investing With As Little As $1,000

Transparency In Real Estate Investing

Many people invest in stocks, bonds & mutual funds.

Data shows that investing in real estate is up to 6 times more profitable than stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Real Estate Investing has now gone digital and with as little as $1,000, you can invest in real estate projects across different African markets.

View the real estate projects you like and invest in them. Transparent. Simple.

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Pre-Vetted Projects For Your Peace Of Mind

Afriscaper conducts a 32-Step Pre-Vetting Process for Real Estate projects. Those that pass this are handed over to PWC for due diligence. What is listed on the platform are institutional quality real estate projects that give you peace of mind.


How It Works

Afriscaper is an online marketplace for real estate investing and allows the pooling of funds from multiple people to foster direct investment in specific real estate deals

On Afriscaper platform, with as little as $1,000, investors can now invest in lucrative real estate deals such as malls, commercial residential estate, office building, industrial estate, self-storage, event venue, retail or hospitality in emerging markets.

This is called real estate crowd-funding and this is the future of real estate investing

Invest from the comfort of your home

The entire process is online for your convenience. You can access the platform anytime and anywhere from any device. The platform supports everything that is necessary to offer a secure as well as a transparent investment opportunity. All the documentation like the prospectus or legal documentation is available on the platform.

Types of Investment Properties

On the Afriscaper platform, investors can invest in real estate opportunities in emerging markets such as retail malls, commercial residential estates, office buildings, industrial estates, warehousing & storage structures, event venues, retail or hospitality structures.

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