How It Works

Real Estate Developers submit their plans to Afriscaper. Afriscaper conducts a 32-Step Pre-Vetting Process. Projects that pass this are handed over to PWC for due diligence. If the project is approved, it is listed on the Afriscaper platform.

Who Is It For

The Afriscaper platform is targeted at, but not limited to Africans in Diaspora. The minimum investment in any of the listed projects is $1,000. Afriscaper is for anyone who requires a structured and transparent way of investing in African real estate.

Who We Are

Afriscaper is an online marketplace for real estate investing. It allows people view high quality real estate projects that need funding and creates a transparent process for investors to invest directly in projects of their choice.

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Are You A Real Estate Developer?

If you are a real estate developer and are looking to raise between $1m to $25m for building projects located in major African cities, Afriscaper can help you.


Thoughts On Real Estate Technology

The rapidly growing economies of Africa are catching the attention of increased numbers of property investors and corporate occupiers. Africa is now seen as a continent of opportunity.

KnightFrank (Global Real Estate Consultancy)

Technology disrupts real estate economics. Technology is finally coming to real estate. Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms (Like Afriscaper) are changing the way real estate projects are funded.

Ms Ilse French, PWC Africa Real Estate Leader

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