Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Afriscaper work?

A: We provide investors with access to real estate investment opportunities that are managed by real estate professionals. After completing an application, Investors can browse investment opportunities, learn about the sponsors, view the details and sign legal documents online.[accordion][/accordion]

Q: How can I become an investor on Afriscaper?

A: Membership is free. There are two ways to sign up, either as a property developer or an investor. Simply sign-up here and follow the guidelines.

Q: How does Afriscaper make money?

A: Real estate sponsors pay Afriscaper a posting fee to promote offers on the marketplace, which funds the operations of the site. It is 100% free for investors to make investments, there are no hidden fees.

Q: Why should I invest with Afriscaper?

A: Afriscaper offers investors access to opportunities that were previously only available to private or institutional investors. By providing direct access to these opportunities, Afriscaper gives investors a larger pool of investment options. And with Afriscaper, accredited investors are able to invest in several projects in different geographic markets to both target and diversify their investment opportunities.

Q: Is there a due diligence performed on the property developer and project?

Yes. Afriscaper has developed a proprietary 32-step vetting process where we consider over 350 factors to determine if the project should be listed on our marketplace. We also thought it prudent to bring a renown third party, PWC, the global audit and consulting firm, to perform the due diligence on both the property developer and the project. This gives more comfort to investors to make an informed decision. Other investigations include background checks of fraud, criminal, and credit checks. An assessment of the market conditions, the viability of the project and its bankability are also considered

Q: What will my return be if I invest in a project?

A: Each property offering has an estimated return. It should be noted that these are usually based on forward looking statements which carry a level of risk. It is up to the investor to access each proposal according to their risk profile to determine if an investment is suitable for them or not

How secure are my investments?

A: No entity can ever guarantee an investment. Most investments on the platform are securitized lending. This means that you as an investor has recourse on the asset in case an investment is not performing. Each project goes through a thorough vetting process and your funds are actively managed. Funds are only made available to the project developer in stages (called drip funding) and completeness of each stage is checked on site before the next funds are offered. These measures minimize the investor risk for you as the investor as much as is possible.

How long will my investment be tied up for?

A: This varies per project and is clearly outlined in the offering on the platform. The offerings that are available to you very from simple projects to more complex projects with a development that can take one year to three years before completion. An example of a simple project could be the building of a housing complex that is offered for sale after completion. A hotel development that is operated for a number of years to repay investors would be regarded as a more complex project which asks for a longer commitment from you.

Can I pull my funds out of a project half way?

A: This is currently not possible. When making an investment decision, your commitment is asked for the total duration of the project. Investments into a crowdfunded project on the platform, are currently not publicly tradeable. Once a project is successfully funded, your funds are committed and it is not possible to pull out of the project until it is finished and the investors are reimbursed.

What is the minimum investment?

A: The minimum threshold can vary per project. On average, an accredited investor can participate with a minimum of USD 1.000 or equivalent. The investments on the platform are offered in different currencies depending on the country where the project takes place.

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