Vietnam Business Startup Guide

Vietnam Business Startup Guide

Afriscaper Vietnam Business Startup Guide

The Vietnam Business Startup Guide provides an independent expert guide on how to strategize, start and grow a business in Vietnam.

The report features the latest information covering setting up and navigating regulatory and market hurdles to run a business successfully in Vietnam.

Who is the Report Useful To?

Afriscaper’s Vietnam Business Startup Guide is useful to manufacturers, entrepreneurs and organizations looking to leverage on a well educated and low cost workforce to start a business in Vietnam, C-Level executives in existing firms looking to enter the Vietnam market, corporate strategists, corporate analysts, trade associations, foreign government departments and regulatory bodies.

Business In Vietnam

Foreign investors continue to prioritize their investments into Vietnam despite the rise of protectionism across the world. Vietnam is gradually becoming an important manufacturing base for electronics makers who are searching for new locations globally that can provide low-cost & well educated workforce. Companies like LG, Canon, Samsung, Foxconn, Intel and others are steadily giving credence to Vietnam as a major destination for investment

This guide provides information on issues covering business registration, business licenses, learning how to target Vietnamese customers, whether business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B); recruitment, taxes, visas, insurance and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Independent business environment analysis on Vietnam – a key input for successful budgetary and planning in the Vietnam market.
  • Target business opportunities and risks in the Vietnam marketplace through our reviews of trends and regulatory changes in Vietnam.
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully navigated Vietnama market entry hurdles.

Table of Contents

1.Vietnam Overview – Demographics & Ease of Doing Business

2.Establishing & Running A Business In Vietnam

3. Investments Requiring Approval

4. Choosing a Location To Establish In Vietnam

5. Tax & Accounting In Vietnam

6. Marketing & targeting Options in Vietnam

7. Intellectual Property In Vietnam

8. Human Resources, Payroll & Recruitment in Vietnam

9. Banking & Payments In Vietnam

10. Understanding Insurance In Vietnam

11. Work Visas & Migration Rules For Foreign Employees In Vietnam

12. Office Rental Options & How To Rent an Office In Vietnam