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Need To Raise Over $1m For A Real Estate Project in Africa?

If you are a real estate developer and are looking to raise between $1m to $25m for building projects located in major African cities, Afriscaper can help you.

Afriscaper is an online technology platform developed to simplify real estate investing in African markets by connecting real estate developers with international real estate investors through cutting-edge technology.

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Are you a Real Estate Developer?

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How we fund your project

Leveraging on technology, Afriscaper is able to pool funds from thousands of registered investors on our platform to investment directly in specific real estate deals.

This is called real estate crowd-funding and this is the future of real estate investing.

Example: If a commercial office complex will cost $10m to build in an African city, instead of trying to secure $10m from a bank, the developer lists his property on Afriscaper and allows 10,000 people to invest an average of $1,000 each. This equates to $10m.

  • Saves time committed to fundraising
  • Allows smaller investors get involved
  • Risk is spread

Pre-Vetted Projects

To list your project on the Afriscaper platform, pre-vetting & due diligence will be carried out by a team of professionals.

Direct Investment

Once listed, Investors invest directly in your project as one entity. We pool the funds together and provide funding based on pre-agreed method.

No Upfront Collateral

No upfront collateral is needed like the banks However, the investors do require a direct recourse to your

Types of Projects Funded

  • On the Afriscaper platform
  • Commercial residential properties
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial estates
  • Industrial parks
  • Warehousing & storage structures
  • Event venues
  • Retail or hospitality structures
  • Developers can raise funding for retail malls.


How Long Does It Take To Get Funded

Once the developer goes through our pre-vetting and due diligence stages and is listed on the platform, funding is usually completed in 30-90 days.

Who Are Afriscaper’s Backers?

Typically, investors on the Afriscaper platform are Africans in Diaspora. In 2016 Africans in Diaspora remitted over $50 billion into African economies. Afriscaper leverages on strong networks with the diaspora community to ensure funding of real estate projects.

In addition, institutional investors such as Private Equity and Venture Capital firms also back projects that meet their investment criteria.

We have over $100m in investable funds.

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