Article from Engineering News

Afrox, sub-Saharan Africa’s leading industrial gases and welding company, is expanding existing operations in Mozambique to support current customer demand and to position itself to service the country’s fledgling gas resources sector.

Driving Afrox’s strategy is a new 8 600sqm headquarters hub which will be the backbone of operations with a sales center, storage facilities for cylinders and hard goods, filling facilities for oxygen, and ample secure parking.

The new headquarters hub will open in the Machava Industrial Area in Matola, Maputo Province, and will provide full sales service, stock, equipment and technical support for Afrox’s branches in Beira and Tete.

“As the leading gases and welding company in Africa, the new hub in Maputo Province reflects our commitment to fostering long-term relationships with our customers in Mozambique,” says Prince Tsuro, Managing Director for Afrox Mozambique.

“There are further plans to expand services to include a workshop for cylinder inspection, maintenance and painting, as well as filling services for argon in the near future.” The new Afrox headquarters hub also includes plans for a demo center which will be used to showcase product usage or applications, and while bulk and compressed gases and hard goods are imported from South Africa, the site includes sufficient space for future expansion.

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“Our headquarters hub will benefit a wide spectrum of sectors in Mozambique ranging from mining, agriculture, sugar mills and transport through to manufacturing and fabrication, the hospitality, medical sectors and the future needs of the LNG industry and its spin-off industries.”

The Afrox headquarters hub in Machava employs 20 people and expects to enhance customer experience right across the board, from the sales center through to collection of hard goods and loading of cylinders. The upgraded hub will offer all of the same comprehensive services available from other Afrox branches in southern Africa, including a full range of large-volume on-site installations and bulk gases, cylinder gases, scientific gases, refrigerants, packaged chemicals and helium, CO2, medical gases and medical products, hospitality gases, gas equipment, welding products and ancillary safety products.

Afrox, which celebrates 90 years in business in 2017, is dedicated to capitalizing on expansion opportunities in other sub-Saharan African countries, with indicators suggesting these economies will far outperform South Africa in terms of growth and inward foreign investment.

Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a resurgence in oil and gas and mining investment, and consequently Afrox is growing its existing footprint in support of these sectors. “Afrox has been investing in the sub-Saharan African region and Africa’s infrastructure and industry for 90 years and this latest investment in our headquarters hub in Matola is a clear demonstration that Afrox’s business is still going strong, growing and expanding where profitable and will do so for many more decades to come,” says Tsuro.

Afrox’s business needs and customer demands had outgrown its former rented site which it has now closed as part of its investment in the headquarters hub in Maputo Province.