Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia: Ambassador La Yifan

China is keen to see greater engagement of the African continent in the implementation of the ongoing Chinese proposed ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ expected to promote trade, investment, cooperation in a globalized world.

A conference under the theme: “Belt and Road Initiative: African Perspective.” was held yesterday ahead of the upcoming “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Forum to be held soon in Beijing which Ethiopia will take part.

Speaking at the conference co-hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and Ethiopian Foreign Relations Studies Strategic Institute, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, La Yifan said that belt and road initiative is a win-win approach that boosts integration, cooperation and development among different countries.’ It is not an imposed initiative rather is being implemented with the will of both parties’.

It has been three years since Chinese president proposed the initiative with a purpose of enhancing infrastructural connectivity, trade ties and people to people relations. And China has already got into discussions with Africa to the successful implementation of the initiative. And Ethiopia has actively been engaged in implementing the development plan, added Ambassador.

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The initiative is an engine of the world economic growth of the 21 century. It is a common understating that modern infrastructure and efficient transport network facility is a necessary precondition for economic development , said Berhane Gebrekirstos Special Adviser to Prime Minister.
ย The initiative also helps to promote regional cooperation, integration and sustainable and rapid economic growth to Africa. African economy remains far behind the rest of the world mainly due to inadequate and obsolete infrastructure . Chinese engagement will be a boon for African ongoing development goals while the continent needs to heavily invest on infrastructure.

The initiative brings new opportunities African countries to unleash their potential. It also open ways for robust economies boosting trade and investment. The initiative is complimentary to the Sino-African cooperation that has so far yielded tangible benefits for the African continent.

Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute Foreign policy Analysis Department Head Melaku Mulualem the initiative has advantages for Africa including Ethiopia to acquire support from the Silk Road Fund, promote infrastructure development in short period of time, technological transfer, job creation and others.

On the other hand, the initiative also increases China’s soft power, bolster bilateral and multilateral relations and obviously its economic growth, added Melaku .

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