The story of Afriscaper

One of my favorite quotes is of an unknown origin but has been popularized by the award winning playright, Chinua Achebe. 

It says “Until the lion hires its own storyteller, the hunt will always glorify the hunter”.

Things are changing in Africa for good. African’s are beginning to tell their own stories and the world is taking notice.

The continent is rapidly urbanizing and incomes are rising at a rapid pace. The United Nations estimates that by 2040, about 30% of the world’s workforce will come from Africa. 

As incomes rise and as more people move to urban areas in major African cities, there is huge demand for residential, retail, office and industrial accommodation which far outstrips supply. Even today, there is a recognized deficit in the housing sector across the continent. 

The Problem

To meet up with the current and future demand, there is a need to build more houses, more offices, more factories more student accommodations…in essence more property of all kinds. 

Looking at things presently and into the future, I can see the acute shortage of property will lead to a potential catastrophe if not tackled. Unfortunately, this cannot be handled by the Governments alone.

The Solution

To solve the problem of housing, the private sector is required to play a huge role in providing shelter for over a billion people. 

Alas, most private sector players struggle to attract investment because of a lack of information about the property market in Africa as well as a lack of trust by investors. 

It’s for this reason I set up Afriscaper.

Afriscaper’s Story

Afriscaper is a technology platform that provides information to simplify real estate investing in emerging markets by connecting real estate developers with international real estate investors through cutting-edge technology. 

On one hand, Afriscaper helps developers to raise funds for their property developments by connecting them with potential investors and buyers. On the other hand, we help bridge trust by vetting real estate projects and providing assurance levels to investors that listed projects are viable.

With years of experience as a professional service provider at KPMG (one of the largest professional service firms in the world), I have built a team that provides a KPMG-esque level of professionalism and service.  

Building Trust

The thing is, it doesn’t end there. As the demand for property grows, more users are turning to us for a myriad of services from getting architects, valuers, building materials, real estate jobs and more. 

The question then became, how can we get the necessary information to users in one place?

The answer came with a bit of trial and error. We hot our eureka moment when we decided to create a marketplace for everything related to real estate on one platform. 

Africa’s Number One Real Estate Marketplace

We are now Africa’s Number 1 Real estate marketplace, not by the number of properties listed on our platform, but by being a one-stop-shop and the ability for users to go to one platform to get all the information they need in one place.

  • Developers can get investors or pre-sell units of their projects
  • List finished housing projects for sale or lease
  • Select from a list of building materials providers
  • Hire real estate professionals
  • Hire designers & decorators
  • Get a feel for the value of their projects

I’m excited by the future of Afriscaper. We are currently growing our operations in Africa’s largest economy (Nigeria) with plans to expand into other countries in due course.

As we grow, we continue to meet the shelter needs of people.

Afriscaper is helping to tell the African story, can you hear the Lion roar?

Adebola (Debz) Omololu A.C.A

Founder, Afriscaper Limited

[email protected]

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