Afriscaper Solutions

Afriscaper Property Services Marketplace

On the service marketplace, property developers, investors, Governments and many others can engage the services of talented service providers. On the other hand, skilled people can offer specific services at transparent prices to earn additional income. This helps build trust and transparency in Nigeria’s property marketplace.

Infrastructure & Property Project Financing

Afriscaper helps raise funds for projects. We review various proposals for real estate and infrastructure projects (malls, industrial parks, hotels, commercial housing projects, ports, airports etc) and we work with various partners to fund such projects. Typical project size of projects we take on are $2m – $50m.ย 

Property Listing For New & Developing Projects

We give property buyers and investors the opportunity to buy or invest in property before the projects reach the market. We verify various projects and those that pass our 350-point test are listed on our website for sale. Before-market projects are usually offered at a discount and such projects attract a premium on completion.ย 

Trust & Transparency

Afriscaper was set up to help build trust & provide transparency to the property & infrastructure market. We take world class talent from Africa and provide property developers, investors & homeowners with top notch property services.


Thoughts On African Real Estate

The rapidly growing economies of Africa are catching the attention of increased numbers of property investors and corporate occupiers. Africa is now seen as a continent of opportunity.

KnightFrank (Global Real Estate Consultancy)

Technology disrupts real estate economics. Technology is finally coming to real estate. Real Estate Platforms (Like Afriscaper) are changing the way real estate projects are funded.

Ms Ilse French, PWC Africa Real Estate Leader

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